The complexity of the U.S. tax system is compounded by the intricacies of how Canada taxes a company's foreign operations. A simple flaw in your company's structure could lead to costly errors with unintended consequences. CHY Accounting & Tax Inc. offers tax advice and tax compliance services to businesses operating in the U.S. or planning to enter the U.S. for the first time. The services below represent a sample of the services offered by CHY. Please contact CHY if you are interested in a specific service that is not listed below.


U.S. Business Tax:


  • Tax planning for corporations and partnerships

  • Preparation and review of federal and state corporate tax returns

  • Preparation and review of federal and state partnership tax returns

  • Nexus analysis for the determination of state income tax filing obligations

  • Tax planning and advice for businesses entering the U.S. (e.g. foreign branch vs. U.S. entity)

  • Determination of U.S. tax compliance and reporting obligations (in accordance with the Canada/U.S. tax treaty)

  • Tax planning and advice for individuals planning on purchasing rental property in the U.S.

  • Preparation of withholding tax forms

  • Assistance in the set-up of a payroll service provider for payroll tax reporting and compliance

  • Recommendation on entity selection for new businesses (e.g. Limited Liability Company, C Corporation, partnership)


Please contact CHY if you would like to set-up a complimentary, non-obligatory meeting to discuss your U.S. tax needs.

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